Importing forester from Google code subversion into Eclipse IDE

forester source code is hosted by Google code at:

To develop forester in Eclipse:

  1. Prerequisite: ensure that your Eclipse IDE (version Helios or later) has a subversion plug-in, for example:
  2. In Eclipse, switch to “SVN Repository Exploring” perspective by: Window|Open Perspective|Other…|SVN Repository Exploring >> OK
  3. Depending on software already installed within Eclipse, Eclipse might ask to install a “connector”, I select one which is compatible with subversion 1.6.x (?), after installation restart Eclipse
  4. Click “New Repository Location” symbol (under “SVN Repositories”)
  5. Enter this URL: “” (or “” for write access) >> Finish
  6. Highlight and right-click: “forester” (version number), select “Find/Check Out As”
  7. Select “Check out as project with the name specified (“forester”) and “Head Revision” and “Depth: Recursively” >> Next >> Finish
  8. Switch to Java perspective by: Window|Open Perspective|Java, a Java project named “forester” should now be ready, with the source code in “java/src” (needs at least Java 1.6)
  9. Test forester by running the “main” method in class “org.forester.test.Test”; the expected result is 0 (zero) failed tests
  10. Build “forester.jar” by executing the “build.xml” ant-file in directory “java” [environment variable JAVA_HOME needs to point to a JDK (at least 1.6); furthermore, a “<jar> type doesn’t support the ‘level’ attribute” error is a likely sign that your Ant version is too old — at least version 1.7.1 is required]

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